One Child Matters

One Child Matters is a child sponsorship organization helping to meet the physical and spiritual needs of children in poverty-stricken areas of the world. Through our ministry programs, children receive food, education, medical aid and hope in Jesus Christ.

Our Mission

We exist to bring hope, truth, life, love, and mercy to children living in poverty around the world.
Our Vision

One Child Matters equips children living in poverty to reach their God-given potential by creating opportunities for transformational development: spirit, mind, and body. One Child Matters accomplishes this by working with churches toward the sustained well-being of children at risk.
Core Values


Lasting transformation of a child comes through truth and hope in Jesus Christ. We believe the Bible is the Truth, the infallible Word of God. This is the foundation of our values, purpose, and actions.


God has a plan and purpose for each child. We focus on children as individuals and encourage their dreams and aspirations. Our decisions and actions are guided by the best interest of the child.


We believe in the power of ONE person to change the world for ONE child. By connecting a sponsor and child, both lives are positively impacted. Ultimately, one child can make a difference in their family, community, and generation.


Through love we show value to a child. Love requires us to live outside ourselves and give sacrificially. It is our motivation in everything we do.


Above all else, we are accountable to God. We are committed to be honest and transparent in our conduct. We continually strive to attain the highest standards of quality in all aspects of work and ministry.


We believe in the power of unity—shared purpose. We actively seek opportunities to impact children through church and other ministry partnerships at local, national, and international levels.